▷❤️Android Vs 6 thousand iPhone 5s And iPhone 5s PUBG Test

Android Vs 6 thousand iPhone 5s And iPhone 5s PUBG Test

Hello man, today we are going to talk about this seven-year-old iPhone 5s. Do you still have this phone if you buy it in 2021? You have all the tasks, that is, you can play a pub G game or make a call, etc. So it must be, does it work well in them, so whatever these things are, with this device that sees some things about such things and at the same time tells you some such things.

We will compare it. I have made 3 4 videos on YouTube about this for over a year. Brother, these devices are not worth your money at all. Today we are going to talk about things. If you like this article, please like and share it. Let’s try to give you good information about.

it. I have used a lot of phones, including Vivo’s Oppo. I’ve used mobiles like this on the iPhone’s Infinix. I used these mobiles to play Pubji. I used to play PubG games. If you want me to give you a good review of it, then you have to comment. Next time I will give you a review of this computer.

iPhone Vs Gaming Pc For Pubg

I made this game with money to play a special pub g game but the pub G game leaks a lot on the emulator which is why I don’t like it at all. Will come.

iPad vs mobile for

gaming Then I took the iPad for gaming. This is the iPad Seven Generation. I took this iPad in lockdown which made it very expensive for me at that time. It was 65 thousand rupees but I got it for 75 thousand rupees but when I play a game on this iPad I enjoy the game it gets a little hot but still on top of that I had a lot of fun playing it. This is a great device for you if you want to read it.

There is no such thing as a lack of it and its RAM is 3GB but it runs at such a speed that it is fun. I thought it was very good. In the 7th generation, I bought this thing from Apple in Layyah district. The combination of software and hardware in all the devices is very good. Apple’s 3GB RAM competes with the 16GB RAM of any Android mobile.

If someone tells you that the price of Apple’s devices is very high, then it is true that the prices of all Apple’s divisions are very high, but one thing is that when you take them So you don’t have to worry about it later. Once you invest the money, then you enjoy the device and take advantage of it. Once you get the money on top of the Apple device, you Will enjoy it again for a lifetime.

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About iPhone 5s

I tell you a little bit about iPhone 5S. It has 8 GB of RAM

Front Camera

It has an 8-megapixel rear camera.
So that if you want to video recording at 1080 pixels that you can not easily do it shrinks send you one hundred eighty Pictures pay 30 frames and 720 pixels shrinks Sand pay 60 frames

Back Camera

Megapixels of the front camera is good enough if you want to take a selfie from your self will look absolutely amazing
the way you will put up in the iPad and gaming PC but now Let’s focus on

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Compare with infinix mobile for pub G test 5S with Infinix mobile

Now we are going to compete with the iPhone which comes in 20 to 25 thousand. If we talk about them, the camera is very good for both. If you play games in them then in both mobiles if you play the game above low setting then both are almost equal. You will see the result

Infinix Mobile Advantage In Pubg Playing

if we talk about the benefits of Infinix mobile It’s not that much of a benefit to talk, it’s just that when you play a game you find yourself looking at the big screen. When you play you are playing on a big screen, but one thing is that you get twenty-five thousand in the base that causes so much.

iPhone 5s Advantages

if we talk iPhone five S As for the K5, as I gave you the rate of iPhone 4 in the past, it used to run very slow because it is a 10-year-old device of iPhone owners, so it will run a little slow,

but the iPhone Apple still supports 6s but it comes with a version ios7 version so this is a very good thing because it still supports this device. I also found this thing very amazing.

iPhone 5s Pubg Test

Now if If we talk about slowing down while playing a game without it, it is almost not slow at all if we play with its setting, but when the riders come close to each other, then it is leaking Does not start which is not at all on your other device.

iPhone 5s Camera Test

If we talk about the camera test of iPhone 5, I have never used its camera till today because I have never had to use it but these people say that it is a 32GB camera but I So don’t think that if you want to get an Android phone at this price, you can use Samsung galaxy or Infinix.

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