Best Platforms To Make $500 Daily

Earning $500 per day online equates to a great full-time income. But which platforms offer enough money-making potential to routinely clear this daily revenue benchmark?

Whether you aim to replace a current job, generate side income for some extra breathing room each month, or scale up a full-fledged digital business over time – optimizing daily earnings is crucial.

This guide explores the most realistic and proven platforms providing opportunities to make $500+ daily once established.

Let’s analyze the profit potential, required effort and skills, and overall sustainability for top money-making platforms across 3 main buckets:

  • Freelance Service Platforms
  • Ecommerce Marketplaces
  • Investment Platforms

Combine multiple income streams across categories to maximize your earning abilities and provide some hedge against platform risk.

Freelance Service Platforms

Freelancing remains one of the most direct ways to start earning money online by selling your skills and expertise rather than physical products. Especially if you focus a niche skill and connect with quality clients.


As the world’s largest online freelance platform, Upwork provides access to endless clients yet also intense competition. With over $1 billion in annual freelancer earnings, the platform clearly drives strong incomes for the top performers in areas like:

  • Web/Software Development
  • Design
  • Writing/Translation
  • Sales/Marketing

Freelancers set hourly or fixed rates for services while Upwork adds a rough 10-20% fee on top. Expect extremely competitive bidding from overseas freelancers on commoditized services like basic website builds or graphic design.

But for consultants, agencies, and specialized pros (i.e. master coders, growth marketers), $500+ daily incomes remain readily achievable over time. You must aggressively nurture your profile, service offerings, feedback and portfolio to rise above the noise as clients source higher level talent.


Fiverr simplifies the process for freelancers to sell individualized services or ‘gigs’ at set pricing tiers while keeping 80% of each transaction. Buyers appreciate the transparency.

Focus niche gigs with clear pricing add-ons and delivery times. For example:

  • Basic logo design: $100
  • Press Release Writing: $150
  • Product Photo Editing: $50 (10 images)

Top Fiverr freelancers easily clear $500 daily simply piecing together volume orders of best selling gigs month after month. You won’t make a huge profit per gig, but by designing systems to complete tasks efficiently you can replicate income daily.


A favorite for freelance graphic designers – the 99Designs platform pays out over $250,000 per day globally across hundreds of design contests and projects. Rather than bid on jobs though, designers submit mockups based on contest criteria to compete for prizes or payments.

Contests typically generate dozens (or hundreds) of submissions – with winners earning preset payouts ranging from $250 into four figures. Clear criteria and rating systems help clients select quality work to license for their needs.

Savvy graphic designers can bank consistent side income by submitting killer designs quickly and nailing client needs out the gate. All while building portfolio pieces. Established top designers easily clear $500+ daily just participating in a few key contests or direct custom projects.

Top Freelance Platforms

PlatformKey ServicesEarnings PotentialEffort Level
UpworkWeb Dev, Writing, Design, Consulting$$$$High
FiverrCreative Gigs, Writing, Voiceover$$$Medium
99 DesignsGraphic Design Contests$$$Medium

Ecommerce Marketplaces

Selling online opens unlimited product niches and customer demographics at your fingertips – making ecommerce a go-to avenue for entrepreneurs to earn full-time incomes. Choose between leveraging external marketplaces or launching your own online store.


As the dominant marketplace facilitating over $200 billion in annual sales, Amazon attracts shoppers ready to spend across virtually any consumer niche imaginable. While Amazon charges sellers monthly fees and ~15% of each sale value, the built-in traffic often makes up for the margins.

Virtually any physical product imaginable can find buyers on Amazon provided you offer fair pricing and solid visibility thanks to:

  • Search rankings for product keywords
  • Compelling listings/images
  • Strong reviews over time

Established Amazon third party sellers easily clear $500+ daily running their business as the platform greatly aids product discoverability and conversion. Just focus on tight inventory/supplier relationships and order fulfillment systems. Significant effort goes into product research, sourcing, listing optimization but profits follow at scale.


Prefer owning the full customer experience? Shopify stores empower entrepreneurs to quickly launch beautiful online shops with their own branding while handling all the backend inventory, payment processing, and support needs seamlessly.

Pricing starts at $29 monthly for core features like:

  • Easy to customize themes
  • Fast hosting and speeds
  • Integrated payment processing

While Shopify lacks built-in traffic like Amazon, the flexibility over branding, marketing, and positioning your company can drive meaningful sales growth long-term in your niche. Especially helpful for branded physical/digital product businesses.

Invest in deliberate marketing and traffic generation to convert new audiences month-to-month. Existing businesses can reasonably expect over $500+ in daily revenue once beyond the initial growth stage.

Top Ecommerce Platforms

PlatformKey ProductsEarnings PotentialEffort Level
AmazonPhysical/Digital Goods$$$$High
ShopifyWhite Label Products$$$Very High

Investment Platforms

Rather than actively earn money through work or businesses, you can grow wealth over time by investing money into appreciating assets like stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, or real estate. Top platforms make investing more passive.


The investing app Robinhood pioneered $0 stock trades and fractional share investing – opening capital markets to millions of newer investors and traders. Users can start investing in stocks, ETFs, options, and crypto with any amount while avoiding all transaction fees which really eats into profits especially on smaller amounts.

While investing always carries risk, Robinhood traders with strong research skills and some starting capital ($1,000+) have the tools available to:

  • Analyze countless stocks/funds
  • Enter positions commission-free
  • Set stop losses for risk management

Disciplined traders use these tools to try compounding consistent daily gains over time. Experienced day traders on Robinhood can absolutely net $500+ average daily through volatile assets like options or penny stocks. Although expect rollercoaster income swings.


Prefer set-it-and-forget-it hands off real estate investing? Fundrise enables anyone to invest in large-scale private market real estate projects with as little as $10 initially. Rather than saving up six figures to buy property yourself, Fundrise pools capital into institutional grade assets like commercial developments, hotels, apartments, and more.

Historical annual returns range from 7-12%+ on invested capital based on the actual performance of the assets. Investors earn reliable monthly dividend payouts covering their initial investment over years eventually.

While $10K invested on Fundrise may take 5+ years to compound into $500 monthly in passive dividends, long term wealth potential remains noteworthy. Invest enough upfront and your money works itself over time.

Top Investment Platforms

PlatformKey AssetsEarnings PotentialEffort Level
RobinhoodStocks, Crypto$$$$High
FundriseReal Estate$$Low

Start Making $500+ Daily Today

This guide just scratched the surface of proven platforms ready to drive consistent daily earnings – whether you want to earn actively through work/sales or passively through smart investments.

Optimizing multiple income streams across categories noted above provides the best hedging against platform risk and income fluctuation. With deliberate efforts optimizing visibility and conversion daily, $500 remains reasonable to expect.

The key is picking platforms aligned with your inherent interests, abilities, risk tolerance. As your skills, assets, and traffic grow over time – making multiples of $500 daily lies well within reach long term!

Which money-making platforms intrigue you the most? Let me know in the comments!

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