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Our mission is simple — so is our product. We have made recruiting an effective and simple process for you as a recruiter. Basestamp is a powerful and simple tool for finding the right profiles for the jobs. Let us show you how it works.

Choose the questions

With our system, you can choose the questions the candidate needs to answer in order to apply for the specific job. Forget hours of reading CVs and applications in all directions - get to the point right away.

Get the best candidates

In order to apply for a job, the candidates have to consider how and why they live up to the most important qualifications of the job. This way you help the candidates to consider the most important requirements and show the right talents. We make it easy to find the best exciting candidates for the job.

Innovative overview of candidates

With more than 200 candidates for a single job, it can be overwhelming to find the selected few on the right criteria. Our search machine helps you search in e.g. personal skills and answers from your own specific questions.

Weekly report

Every week you receive a report of the numbers of candidates applying for the job. This way you know when to go an extra mile of finding more interesting candidates. When you are ready for interviews you can get a report with an overview of the entire period in order to show the company the statistics of your work and get the full overview.

Company Plan

Find the right person for the job
– in a clean and effective way.

Get started for free

Post up to 5 jobs for free. Then USD 25 per month for every posted job. Cancel anytime.

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Free up to 5 job posts.

Weekly report on applying candidates

Choose the specific questions which the candidates have to answer.

Innovative overview with qualification search

Possibility to boost jobs with low attention

Frequently asked questions


It is free to have a recruiter profile up until 5 job posts. With more than 99 job posts we take a fee of 25 dollars per month. No cure, no pay. If you find the right candidate for the job we get a fee of 2% of your fee. Get a profile for free and remove it again whenever you want. There is no binding at all. If you want advertising to help get great candidates you pay accordingly.

How to get a recruiter profile?

To get a profile you fill out this form. As soon as we get the form we will validate your profile and give you access to create jobs on the platform.

How to create a company profile?

When you create a job we recommend that you first create a company profile for the job – if it is the first job by the specific company - to make it easy for the candidates to see who's hiring. You do this by filling out this form.

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