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 Hello, friends welcome to Our Website Called Basestamp.com and in this post, I have a fantastic application call log editor for you and this application is really a life-saving application you can able to edit call log android.

 Yes if your girlfriend your wife, or anyone always checks your phone whenever you receive a call you don’t want to show your view call history to them then this application really helps you because with this application you can able to edit call log history android and you can able to create new fake call log editor in your call log template.

 Even if you haven’t received any call on your phone as well. I will show you everything live in this post and trust me this application is really really amazing so without wasting any time let’s start the post about phone call logs

How To Change & Edit your Call History , Call Log Editor Android Application

1. Call log editor and back

Now first of all what exactly you need to do you just have to go to the google play store and install this application name is call log editor and back up yes this is an amazing application.

 Simply just click on open and open this application now first of all when you open this one you will be getting this interface this is the whole interface which you will be getting Now here you will be getting all the phone call logs off your phone this is the view call history of my phone.

How call log editor and back Works?

 Let me show you if I go out of this application and click on the dialer on the bottom so this is the same view call history is there in my phone it is now let’s go back to this application also have the same quality history.

 Now what exactly you need to do let’s suppose you got a call from your girlfriend or from anyone and you don’t want to show your wife or your girlfriend as well.

 So what do you need to do you can simply just click any one of them Lets suppose you simply click on this one now from here you can able to change the phone history you can able to change the number you can just simply just delete this number from here and type any number here like this it is.

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How to change outgoing call logs?

 I have probably changed his number and not only this you can also change it from outgoing incoming as when you can create it incoming call instead of outgoing and then you can also set the call duration as well.

 Let’s suppose if I make it to 21 minutes I can create anything and then click on this update the more technical update will automatically get updated in your call log as well and that would be really really amazing.

Create a new call record

 Not only this and in this application, but you can also create a new call record by clicking on this on the bottom you can see this one on the bottom adding a new call record you can click on this one.

 And then it will ask you what number you want to save let’s suppose this particular number this one and I can set here I was talking to this person for 25 minutes and then I can set here outgoing and incoming as well.

 That’s an incoming call and then select the date here this one and then the timing of this one and then you Click on this after the call logs the moment you click on this one it says successfully edited.

 Now if you go to the dial pad here on the top you see this one this automatically comes in your real-time all logs this number I just added this manual to know your friend will try to check your phone.

 It will show in your call log template that you were talking to this person at 4:35 as well in this way nobody can even look at you and you can also edit any number which you receive on your phone at any particular time with this application.

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 So this application can be a life-saving application you can even add to any call of number and you can also add any phone number in your view call history with this application.

 So the feature of this application is really really amazing you should try this application you will get the link of this application from google play store you can check it from there any questions related to this you can simply comment below and we will surely get back to you thank you very much by.

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