▷❤️How To Change Your Live Location on Google Map Best Android Application

 Hello, friends welcome to basestamp.com and in this post, I have an amazing application for you with this application you can able to change your live location on Google maps as well yes Google maps showed your live location whenever you share your live location on WhatsApp or anywhere.

Let’s suppose in the situation your friend your girlfriend or your wife ask you to send your live location on WhatsApp so what exactly you do simply just go to WhatsApp at all.

 WhatsApp you have to just click on this location icon here and then you have to click on this location and then click on the share your live location and then send it to your friend and whatever your friend will click on this one he will get your live location.

 So this is my live location right now which I have sent to my friend on WhatsApp but the application which I’m going to tell you with that application this live location whenever you send it on WhatsApp.

 it will get changed you can choose any location from all over the world and then you can send it to your friend and your friend will think that you are at that particular place so let me tell you what exactly you need to do for that and how you can able to send it.

Mock Locations (fake GPS path)

How To Change Your Live Location on Google Map Best Android Application

 First of all, for that you have to just go to the google play store and install this application who’s name is Mock Locations (fake GPS path) yes this is an application which you have to install on your phone and once it will be installed you can simply click on open and open this application and allow all the permission for this application.

Important settings

 Now, this application requires important setting which I’m going to tell you how you can able to do that first of all you just have to come out of this application and only your Phone you have to go to the settings and inserting you just have to scroll it down on the bottom and here you will be setting an option of more setting click on that.

 And then scrolling down on the bottom you will be getting an option developer option click on this one and from the top, you can just turn it on the developer option and then click on okay and then you can simply scroll down a little bit more and there is an option you’ll be finding that select moke location app click on. 

This one and then select this moke location app the moment you do that your work is done on this one this setting and then you can come out of this one and then go to that application which you just installed in your phone.

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How To Change Your Live Location on Google Map With Mock Locations (fake GPS path) 

 Now on this application, you can select any place from all over the world which you want to show on your Google map so I’m in India right now so let’s suppose if I select any place in India if I select This place I just need to hold it down here.

 On the bottom and then I have to hold one more place from where the second one and it will automatically build it root here yes it is this one and then you have to click on this okay Icon on the top and then click on go that’s it once you’re done with this.

How It Works?

What you need to do simply just have to go to your WhatsApp account and then click on this icon again and then select the location and then click on the share your live location click on 15 minutes.

 And then send your location now when you send your location like this and when your friend will open this location your location would be totally different let me show you every show might this location previously it will showing me this location but right now it is showing me this location as I’m at this place right now.


 So this is an amazing thing which you can do with this application you can change your live location on Google map using WhatsApp everybody will believe you because you’re sending your location through Google maps And through WhatsApp as well so this trick is really really amazing.

 You should try this trick in the same setting and the process that you have to follow to make it done and then you can send it to your friends and your girlfriend or anyone on WhatsApp and you can prank them I hope you like this trick you will get the link of this application on the google play store you can check it from there any question related to this you can simply comment below and we will get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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