▷❤️How To Check Product Real Or Fake And Measure Anything

 Hello, friends welcome to our website Basestamp.com and in this post, I have 2 amazing android applications for you that you can use with your phone cameras, yes these applications will give you a different kind of advantage to your phone camera. And I’m sure that you will like these apps so without wasting any time let’s start the post.

1. QR & Barcode Scanner

How To Check Product Real Or Fake And Measure Anything

 Now the first application on my list is QR & Barcode Scanner yes this application is really really amazing with more than 100 million downloads with 4.7-star reviews this is the best app to check fake products.

How QR & Barcode Scanner Works?

  Now, first of all, let me tell you what exactly this application going to do with this application you can come to know the product which you have bought is it the real product or is the fake products.

How to check original product from barcode app online

 Yes, let me show you the moment you can open it will ask you to allow some permissions here, and then the camera will automatically get started now, nowhere I have a tab.

 I just bought this tab I just want to know that is this really is a different 1 so what I have to do I just have to flip my box and here I would be getting a bottle service this is a bottle which I go out here and these are the modules which I have to scan with this phone camera with this application.

 So I just take my phone camera above this 1 and the moment I think this 1 here it would automatically be scanned this 1 act take a picture of this and here this is the link what you’ve got here and you can get an option here took the control point the woman took on open.

 It will magically open this product on the internet as well if you scan the score and there is nothing that comes in that means this product isn’t fake part of we have raced back into the legal website where we have all the contact is 31 NB everything.

 We’re gonna tear all of this product that means this product is the general partner and it’s a real product it’s not a fake product which I bought so in this way you can come to know about any product whether it is a got. 

The reporter is Simone Biles anymore to do bought you just have to scan the barcode like this and then you would come to know is if they have your product or is a different part of so this application is really really amazing you should try just 1 link you would be getting on the google play store.

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2. On 2D-CameraMeasure

How To Check Product Real Or Fake And Measure Anything

 Now let’s talk about the second application and for that again we have to go to the google play store and install this application name is On 2D-CameraMeasure and mint yes this application is also really really amazing simply just open this application and it would become up like this.

How On 2D-CameraMeasure Works?

 Now what exactly this application does and how this application is beneficial for you with this application you can able to measure anything with this application you don’t require any treatment with you the measure anything.

 Simply just have to open this application after that you can able to mess anything that’s supposed I think the mother does box what is the land what is the height of this box what I need to do I just have to select this box here and then I have a big discussion here once.

 And then the second 1 I have to take it on to the second part like this and here on the top, you can see this 1 this is 28419 MM that means this is the exact measurements which I. Garc you can also click on the save here and then save this 1 and send it to anyone as well.

 On the bottom there is an option for more as well you can click on this more if you want to mess anything then you can click on this 1 if you want to measure any angle any of them you can click on this 1 and this kind of media you can click on this 1 and I mean that you can use this 1 so there are some other options as well so this will help you to measure up anything without having any physical equipment.


 And these applications are really really helpful and anybody useful as well so I hope you like both application link on board the application I have already put in the google play store you can take it from there any question related to this you can simply comment below and we will surely get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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