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 Hello, friends welcome to our website Basestamp.com, and in this post, we have 2 amazing and trending applications. And all the applications are going to surprise you today. 

1. Trendy – Trending Topics Search Trends

So the first application on my list is that is Trendy yes this application is a Trending topics search Trend and is really really amazing when you open this application.

How Trendy – Trending topics search Trend Works?

 This application will come up like this there are so many bubbles you will be finding it on the screen you see this one all of the bubbles and these are the trending right now which is going on around me.

Check Country Trend

 What exactly going on in my country what exactly going on in news and finance everything you will be getting through this application here on the top you can also select a country you can select any country from here.

 On the top right now I’m in India so I have selected India here and if I click on any one of them that’s a whole different take on this one this will give me the trending topic right now what exactly the news going on right now in the social media about Suresh Raina to this one I can click on this one Hindustan Times.

 And I can open it and I can get every information right in front of me so instead of going to a different. You have to find out that they’re in the news and the topic you can simply just come on with this application and select your country from the top.

Where is Trending Topic Option?

 And you can able to get that every single news and the trending topic information from this application on the top you can see this one with the blue line when you scroll this one on the right side like this.

 It will Increase the days it has already Increase the days of the last 8 days now it will show you the last 8 days trending topics in your area. Serious now the trending topics has been increased from the last 8 days. 

So this application is really really amazing if you really want to know what exactly going on around you what everybody’s watching right now on social media then you can try this application.

How To Get This App?

 So this is a really really amazing link you would be getting on the google play store.

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2. Liquid Teardown – Battery AOD

Now let’s talk about the second application and for that again you have to go to the google play store and install this application Called Liquid Teardown – Battery AOD now open this application is also really really trending nowadays.

How Liquid Teardown – Battery AOD?

 Let me tell you how when you open this application for the come up like this is the interface of this application from here you can click any one of them you can change the color of this one and then you can just wipe it up.

 And then click on the phone when you turn it on what exactly this application going to do whenever you plug in your phone to the charger and start charging your phone it will show you the inside parts of your phone.

Let me show you how it works I’m going to connect my phone right now with the charger and let me tell you how to looks like now I’m going to connect my phone to the charger and let me show you how it properly works.

 So it is been connected right now and you see this one. This is the liquid green automatically comes on to my screen and it looks really really amazing you can change everything with this application.

What Settings?

 Let me show you what kind of settings you can do with this application if you go to the application again and here you can click on this one here on the top and you can select any one of the options from this application status there are so many options out there you can select your phone here and then you can select any of the design which design you want whenever your phone is on charging and that looks really really amazing you surprised this one as well. 


So serious these are amazing applications and you will be getting the link on the google play store you can take it from there without any costs. If you have any question related to this you can simply comment below and it was going to get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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