▷❤️Is it OK to Buy Pixel Buds in 2021? Full Review 6 months after purchase

Is it OK to Buy Pixel Buds in 2021 Full Review After 6 Months

 He would say guys walking back to SL premium today I’m gonna be reviewing the pixel buds to enter William structuring this article is gonna be in for pros in fort Collins and then finally a conclusion at the end should you buy it or not.

Google Pixel Buds Pros And Cons

1. Sound

 Starting with the first pro these actually sound pretty decent I was very surprised by this sound but the problem is that launch did not sound good only with a software update Google finally added an option to finally turn on based business and before that, the base is almost nonexistent I think it just sounded very flat but the good thing they added that pixel feature drop update and now actually sounds pretty decent it’s in now one con whenever you’re listening to music.

2. Loud Noises

 And it gets quiet or there’s like a pause in a YouTube video or something. You can sort of hear a little his sleep thanks. It’s like it’s very like low so you wouldn’t hear it if you’re in a room full of loud noises or whatever you can hear the hiss but if you’re in a quiet place trying to study or something then you might hear a little hiss so in mine usage I did get me said the Hess but in the very beginning and it bothered me too bad like I really hated.

3. Statics

 It and on to the next pro is actually the statics I really liked the look and build of this device everything feels very solid. You can hear very satisfying and the actual buds look pretty great.

4. Tip design

And now for the cons that your tip design it’s a good idea but it doesn’t fit all years like I heard a lot of other reviewers saying that it makes the buds feel really tightly snug in their ear but in my usage, I always have the legal Alan then it doesn’t really feel that sick here. 

So. You have weird ears these might not fit too well and if you shake your head a little bit. I might just fall out. 

5. Great features

So another robot the pixel buds easier that has really great features for example fast pairing you can pair it almost instantly you can almost gravel you pixels put him on and then by the time they’re in the year it’s all good to go. 

Like I mentioned before there are pixel feature drops updates and it’s always getting more support more fixes and more features. So you can actually update it within the Bluetooth settings and you have some options over here H. T. audio in your text in so would you know to stop playing when you take him out of the year or sharing if you’re sharing it with someone. Check that. Additionally. You can see it here. 

Basically, I mentioned earlier that sounds so we did just a volume based on your environment automatically and. These features baby crying baby probably not wear headphones but. It does actually work one time I am on. Start making baby noises. Actually kind of worked my volume. Creased by a substantial amount and then I can basically hear what’s going on around. 

6. A Set Of Headphones

 So with great features, there are actually some issues too for a lot of users especially on the pixel buds Reddit. Find out what type of issues people are happening with this set of headphones make sure you guys are slash pixel buds.

7. Cut off

 And one of the connections of the major issue drops so you would be listening to your music and whatever and then suddenly you just cut off. Every like 1 minute and 55 seconds intervals always cutting out would drive people insane and I know that because it happened to me and apparently some sort of issue that only happens with some users.

 So indicate yeah I think he had perfectly fine pixel buds and that’s why he gave out a good review but in my case, it was happening a lot and the thing is they actually fixed it with an update so now it’s not cutting you know every 1 minute and 55 seconds or is it 150 I don’t remember either way it cuts out a lot and now instead of cutting out at 155 it just cuts out at random times I sometimes buy put my ears next to my head put my hands next to my head you just cut out and that makes it.

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8. Stable connection

 1 of the biggest deal-breakers I guess doesn’t have a stable connection any time you can just go out for no reason I have no idea why this is happening but it shouldn’t happen on 100 $79 headphones. 

9. Battery

Finally, we have the final pros and that is the case battery. This actually holds the advertised 2004 hours of playback so not on the actual votes but the total amount of time the charger the actual case can actually hold the charge so I can recharge my buds a lot actually like 4 or 5 times depending on my knees and that adds up to around 2004 hours a day advertised.

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10. Actual battery life

So now for the final con is you might have guessed the actual battery life on the buds since I recharge so many times you probably would guess these aren’t that crazy I don’t know why the battery drains really fast.

So I only easy’s burst up to 3:00 hours and after that, the battery would drop to 0 in almost 4:00 hours and I don’t like to drain the battery completely because they do use lithium-ion batteries and that basically means that they do great every time you go from 0 200 200 and over time the battery will degrade so much that these are gonna be useless so I wanna make them last as long as possible. 


And so that leads me to the final verdict. Don’t buy these I just. I don’t want I want to spare you pain okay I was so mad that I bought brand new headphones and then they just didn’t work.

 I don’t want you to go through that so definitely do not buy these and my overall rating would be a 6.5 out of 10 if it had to have a stable connection I would give it 8.5 and if it had no the static no static hiss B. 9 out of 10 and then if it had good battery life then bang 10 out of 10 so next year I hope we get pizza buzz 3 with everything 10 out of 10. That’s all for today guys hope you guys enjoy the article and piece.

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