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Friends, I hope you are all well. In today’s Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie In Urdu & English Subtitles is going to be very special. Because today we will tell you the most important thing we will talk about is Turgut’s film Malazgirt 1071 release date, when will this film be released?

And what big events will happen in it? Malazgirt 1071 full movie english subtitles is a film based on the life of which great Sultan Alp Arslan.

Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie release date

When Is Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie Release Date.

  • Movie Name: Malazgirt 1071 Full Movie
  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Release Date: 21 November 2021

Why was Malazgirt 1071 english subtitles delayed?

Malazgirt 1071 full movie english subtitles free release date was delayed so much that the film itself became controversial, why did it happen? What is the significance of the war shown in it? Find out the answers to all these questions in today’s Malazgirt 1071 full movie urdu subtitles.

So let’s start the Malazgirt 1071 full movie in urdu. Friends, I have been interested in malazgirt 1071 history since childhood. First I read Mughal history, which was in the history subject in middle classes.

Then I read the whole history of Muslim world, then I became interested in historical dramas and malazgirt 1071 wikipedia first I saw a Turkish drama Throne and Rebellion.

The play was based on the life of Sultan Ahmed and Sultan Mustafa of the Ottoman Empire. Then I saw a masterpiece that was second to none. That is, Dirilis Ertugrul.

Dirilis Ertugrul came up with a masterpiece that shook the greats. Especially when it came to Pakistan, the love of Pakistanis was visible. The love, affection and sincerity that the Pakistanis gave him, this sincerity the Turks never got from any country, and that too in a very short time.

If we talk about this malazgirt 1071 characters, this conversation will take a long time, so we move on to our topic. Malazgirt 1071 cengiz coşkun also played the role of Turgat Alp in the play, whose loyalty, honesty, courage, bravery, passion for jihad and fighting on the battlefield impressed everyone.

Malazgirt 1071 cengiz coşkun Old Famous Series

Even for some people, Turgut Alp was a favorite character more than Ertugrul. For 125 years of his life, Turgut Alp fought wars with Suleiman Shah, Ertugrul Ghazi, Usman Ghazi, and Ghazi Orkhan.

Why is Kurulus Osman, who is serving 3 backs of Suleiman Shah, being missed? Mehmet Bozdag has also given the answer to this question. Bozdag says he made the offer to Turgut Alp but did not receive a positive response.

This is because the actor Genghis Joshkun, who played the role of Turgut Alp, has now become a big star. After Dirilis Ertugrul, he got a great movie that everyone is eagerly waiting for. The name of this film is Malazgirt 1071 watch online and this malazgirt 1071 full movie has become very popular even before its release.

Cengiz Coskun role in Malazgirt 1071 Movie

With Turgut’s further success, he got another big project. In the film based on the life of the great Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the first Caliph Sultan Salem Yauz, Turgat will play the lead role of Sultan Salem Yauz. Dostoyevsky also had a reason to keep Turgut in the drama series. You will know that Turkish Islamic dramas are banned in Arab countries.

And not only that, but the Arab people are also showing a drama in which Sultan Salim Yawz of the Ottoman Empire is being shown as a ruthless and murderous Sultan. In this regard, it was also important for the Turks to show a play based on the life of Saleem Yaws and give the lead role to an actor whom the people are anxious to see. So the solution was none other than Turgat Alp.

Genghis Joshkun has been given the lead role this season. Now if he is included in Korolosh Usman and he doesn’t get screen time, will he leave the main role and play a side role in this series? We don’t see it possible and it seems that even if Turgat plays a role, it will happen next season and another actor will be added instead of Genghis Joshkun. Now let’s talk about 1071. Dostoyevsky is the name of a place in Turkey. Where a great battle took place 950 years ago today.

In which the Turks had such success that the place where they are now living came into their hands. This war was also significant because the 500-year-old pride of the Romans was shattered and a country, Turkey, was conquered that went on to represent Islam for decades to come. That day and today, no one could conquer Turkey. If you want to see the full story of this war with maps, click on the link in the description. Still, I’m just trying to sketch a little bit.

It so happened that Sultan Muhammad Alp Arsalan, the second ruler of the Seljuk Empire, was at war with Egypt when the Romans attacked Alp Arsalan at Malazkart. Sultan Alp Arsalan immediately stopped the war from Egypt and reached the place of Malazkrat. In August 1071, Sultan Alp Arsalan again suffered such a defeat that Rumi ran away with his feet on his head. It was not only a defeat but also a decision on Turkey’s fate.

After August 1071, the area of ​​Anatolia was never again occupied by the Romans or the Byzantines. Friends, a great film based on the story of this sword and love has been made for a long time. But it has been delayed for a year. Due to the global epidemic, it was delayed so much that the film itself became controversial. People got tired of getting information about it.

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