▷❤️9 Best Mic For YouTube Videos Under $200 In 2021

  What is happening on YouTube is enough and today I have an extensive range of microphones to compare right from a 0 budget all the way up to around 200 US dollars coming right up.

 Now before we get started I would highly recommend you grab yourself some earphones and headphones and put them into your device right now because I’ll give you a better understanding of how each of these microphones sounds like and how they compare to each other so feel free to post this Article in case of some wrong. 

Also rest assured that this is not going to be a review of each of the microphone because otherwise, this post will end up being a feature-length film so don’t worry about that I’m gonna try to get through each of this Mic each of these microphones quicker as a can that kind.

So also good to know that the sound quality is dependent on your freedom that uses all in my case the XLR microphones on the test out today connected directly to the Tuscon D. R. 40 M recorder. feel reporter on the rest of the microphone with the 3.5mm Jack straight into my Panasonic Lumix G. 7 which is also quite decent the freedom in the comments office of great wealth so without further ado let’s get straight into this.

1. Built-in microphone

 The first Mic told me to test out is the board that you get with your phone so I phone for example you can get the standard. Able to has a built-in microphone inside the volume rocker whether it’s the Android device you can get a free pair of earphones on nearly all of the time you have a built-in microphone inside the headphones the earphone itself now that even if the free method both it’s way back to the built-in microphone that you can use your coverage I’ll never expect and recommend you using always have a secondary audio device for good quality or quantity.

Audio Test

 let’s test out the right now you’re hearing the audio quality not coming straight into this microphone the built-in microphone that you have inside your earbuds that come free with your phone again pretty decent quality the free method is quite cheap but still way better than the built-in microphone that having you come to the.

2. Boya BY M1 Mic

 Right now you’re hearing the audio quality coming out from the Boya BY M1 the Boya BY M1 and 1 now this is a budget-friendly favorite by many many YouTubers out that I recommend this microphone and so do I this is 1 of the first video reviews that I did so do check it out and to see how the quality that compares to others as well so this is the boy at Boya BY M1 December 12. 

3. Hama LM-09 lavalier mic

now you’re hearing the quality of the Hama LM-09 lavalier mic I’ll defer the quiet budget because of well how does it compare to the Boya BY M1 of you tell me, hello this is the audio quality that you’re hearing from right now from the Hama  LM-09 lavalier mic.

4. Rode SmartLav+

 now this next microphone comes highly recommended for small phone audio recording this is the Rode SmartLav+ is it really worth spending the extra money for comparing the Boya BY M1 as well as the Hama LM-09 you tell me for the audio that you reached hearing from right now is from the Rode SmartLav+.

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5. Yoga EM 278

 Now, this next microphone is quite decent it’s called the yoga EM 278 as you can tell the qualities fairly decent however because it’s quite cheap is made of plastic so you do here feedback from my clothes as well as a thin wire so do bear that in mind but what do I see the quality as you can hear is fairly decent.

6. Rode video mic Pro

 Now, this next microphone is 1 of my favorites the Rode video mic Pro now this is my go-to my colleagues use this other shot going Mic if I’m doing a face cam video like this then I always use this 1 even more than my N T. G. to the I’m gonna show you later but this is the audio quality that you’re hearing from right now from the Rode video mic Pro.

7. HTDZ HT-320A

 So this is a microphone that you listen to one of the cheap shotgon microphones so how does this compare this is actually the HTDZ HT-320A so again a budget range shot going Mic so how does this sound you tell me.

8. Rode NTG-2 

 Now, this is also a great shot shotgon microphone made by rode which is the Rode NTG-2  to let me know how the sound of CLV way better than the budget shock on microphone similar sound quality I believe to the road video Mic pro so this is the sound coming from the Rode NTG-2.

9. Blue spark Mic

 And last but not least this is the sound that you’re hearing from the blue spark which is my go-to Mic for voice-over recordings I absolutely love this microphone I think the sound quality is amazing as you may be able to tell at least if you got here he if on the headphones on you can tell straight away the quality that this microphone produces which is great.


 Let me know in the comments below which microphone you’re Relying and also let me know if it’s worth spending the hundreds of dollars on these high-end microphones full they have the quality acceptable on the low-end sub twenty dollars or thirty dollar microphones.

 And that’s it for this post if you enjoyed it to hit that Allow button helped me a lot you haven’t already done so consider subscribing to my Website Notification and there’s lots more content coming up and also don’t forget to hit the notification bell as you’ll be the first to know when my Articles are out so until next time guys take care.

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