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The Banno Episode 54 of Har Pal Geo saw the protagonist, Hassan facing more troubles. This time he got involved in one of his friend’s marriage proposal fiasco after him and his ex-girlfriend were caught by her family while secretly meeting each other at night.

Banno Episode 54 Release Date.

  • Episode Title: Banno Episode 54
  • Language: Urdu With English subtitles
  • Episode: 54
  • Release date: 215 November 2021

Banno drama episode 54

Initially it seemed like he would be able to win over their trust by putting up with some really difficult tasks but just when they thought that everything has been solved another hurdle comes in front of them proving that nothing is ever easy for this guy! While all these things are happening around him you will see a lot more interesting twists unfolding throughout the show making every minute worth watching.

Banno Episode 54

Today’s episode of Har Pal Geo is all about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The show has been on a refreshing break for most part of this month due to Eid-ul-Azha holidays, but it seems they have come up with an interesting topic now.

Banno pakistani drama

This week will be dedicated to political parties and their election manifestos/promises which are being released one by one these days ahead of the 2019 general election in Pakistan. With so many important issues at hand right now – economy, unemployment, education system etc – we think viewers might not want to miss out another critical discussion like this.

Banno pakistani drama cast

Nonetheless, there were some questions raised last night as well such as: Is Imran Khan really capable enough (of becoming prime minister). Is

Banno Episode 54 Teaser

He really good for the country? Is Nawaz Sharif coming back after 2018 elections because of his love for power or it is all about taking revenge from Imran Khan and PTI. And how will this episode go on to address such important issues related to our society?

All in all, we can say that if you want a political drama with some great acting then Har Pal Geo cannot be missed out at any cost! Tune into GEO Entertainment tonight at 09:00 pm PST/04:00 am GMT+ PK time only on GEO News.

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