▷❤️Best 3 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks for WhatsApp User, Which No One Knows

  Hello, friends welcome to our website basestamp.com and in this post, I have 3 amazing Whatsapp tricks for you and I’m sure that every WhatsApp user needs these pricks but did not know about this so I’m gonna tell you an application with this application you will be getting 3 amazing WhatsApp tricks in one application.

 One of the best tricks is so amazing that you’ve been able to monitor your children WhatsApp account onto your phone and you get able to monitor that it does when I show you everything in this post so without wasting any time let’s start the post and allow notification you couldn’t miss any technical post every day.

Now first of all what exactly you need to do first of all you have to just go to your phone and install this application was name is whats web yes this is an amazing application and with more than 10 million downloads with 4.3 ratings so I’m gonna click on open and open this application:

Best 3 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks for WhatsApp User, Which No One Knows

 This is the interface which you will be getting when you open this application this is a Whats Web status saver, whats cleaner, and direct chat and if you scroll it down some other features out of there now let’s talk about the other featured and then we’ll talk about the main feature of this application.

1. Status saver

 The first one is the Statussaver when you click on this one from here you can able to download any Whatsapp status which is uploaded by your friends you can automatically download the videos and the photos but with this application, you can able to do that simply just have to click on the recent stories and when you do that you would be getting all the photos and here he would be getting the videos you can check it from there and downloaded from here by clicking on any one of them.

2. Whats cleaner

The second-best feature would you would be getting there so whats cleaner when you click on this one every day we get so many videos images photos file documents on our what’s an app but it remains in our form we never delete them we won’t be able to find work with this application you will be getting everything just right in front of me.

 What are the wise documents database gives profile photos wallpaper everything you would be getting a Here you see this 1.45-gigabyte data is already there in my phone is 2525 files are already damaged my phone which I have to delete and check so you can do it everything from here just by clicking any one of them and you will be finding all this stuff here and you can check them and delete.

If you don’t need them the next 1 is direct chat you can able to directly send Whatsapp messages to anyone with this feature without saving his number in your phone this feature is really really amazing you can also try this 1 as well just simply add his foots of number and enter the message and then you can click on send on the bottom and it can automatically get sent.

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3. Whats web

Now let’s talk about the main feature of this application which is whats web right click on that 1 and when you click on this 1 you will be getting a QR code I just want to run this phone what’s app onto my phone so what I need to do I just have to go to the WhatsApp account on this phone click on that 1 I have to click on the 3 lines which are on the right side of the top and then you have to click on this WhatsApp web click on that 1 and the moment you click on this 1.

 if we ask you to scan something see this is giving me an option to scan something I just have to take my phone just right in front of this QR code like this the moment I take it it will automatically scan this 1 and this phone WhatsApp will automatically start running on this 1 it is the same WhatsApp photos profile everything is the same and I can able to receive all the messages on this for now.

 And I can be able to send the messages all the photos and videos everything I could even to get it on this 1 this application is really really amazing if you want the monitor to your children phone as well you can use this WhatsApp web option you can able to run your children phone WhatsApp onto your phone and you can able to see what exactly he’s doing on his WhatsApp this is really really amazing feature of this application. 

How To Sign Out In Whats Web

And if you want to sign out on this application simply just have to click on these 3 lines. And then you will be getting an optional logout you can take on this log out and you will be out of this application and there will be no excess you see this one get out of this whats web.


 Now so this is this feature of this application is also really really amazing and use it to monitor your children phone as well I hope you like all the features of this application you would be able to get this application on the play store you can take it from there if you have any question related to this you can simply comment below and we will get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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