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Here is The Biography Of Imam Jafar Al Sadiq. Imam Jafar al-Sadiq is the sixth Imam of the Ahlul Bayt. He was born in April 20, 702 AD, Medina, Saudi Arabia, where his father and mother were among those who fled from persecution to Mecca at the hands of the Umayyads. His biography has been well documented by many historians, including al-Kulayni, Ibn Abi’l Hadid and others.

Biography Of Imam Jafar Al Sadiq The Sixth Imam

Biography Of Imam Jafar Al Sadiq. The 6th Imam of Islam from the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet peace be upon him is the imam ja’far as-sadiq he was given the title of Sadiq because he was the most honest and truthful person at his time we know all the imams are truthful in the rule sense of the word according to a hadith the Prophet peace be upon him gave this title Sadiq to the Imam to distinguish him from Jaffa and kallab.

He appeared during Imam Hasan Alaska this time for the first few years of his life imam ja’far as-sadiq enjoyed the presence of his grandfather imam ali zayn al-abideen and thereafter his father imam muhammad al-baqir imam ja’far alayhis-salam possessed vast amounts of knowledge no one ever doubted what he said.

Even when he quoted a hadith and said the Prophet said so and so no one questioned him for proof so he came to be known as al solid the most truth Imam Sadiq led such a simple life that even the Sufis who are not Shias regard him as a saint an ascetic animistic to this day during the time of imam ja’far as-sadiq the Umayyad tribes were busy fighting the Abbasid tribes.

So just as Imam Mohamed el balcón did imam ja’far as-sadiq also seized the opportunity and he was therefore able to preach islam in the teachings of the Prophet peace be upon at one point imam ja’far as-sadiq had a university in medina with more than 4,000 students it is for this reason that many of our hadeeth in our books are from imam ja’far as-sadiq and some people refer to the shia of Ahlul Bayt as Joffrey in actual fact the teachings in the school of imam ja’far as-sadiq.

Who was no different from the teachings of Imam Ali Allah’s Salam who learned directly from the Prophet and was the most learned after the Prophet peace be upon him many of the students of imam as-sadiq later on went to become famous for themselves for example Jabbar bin hyeyeon was gifted in many sciences he was a chemist alchemists astronomer engineer philosopher physicist pharmacist geologist and physician much.

Later when Europe came out of its dark ages and began learning Sciences from the Muslims jabot became famously known as the father of chemistry all historians agree that jabbered was a student of imam ja’far as-sadiq and his knowledge came from the imam ali salam another example is abu hanifa.

Who first learned the quran tafseer hadeeth and islamic sciences from imam sadiq but lights are informed his own opinions and became the founder of the Hanafi sunni school Malik bin Anna’s the founder of the Maliki school was also a student of imam ja’far al-sadiq alayhi salam an atheist claimed that allah did not exist one of his inventions was that he put soil and water in a bucket and after a while there were worms inside.

Then he said to his people I have created this because I was the cause of this creation imam as-sadiq replied if it was you who created that how many worms are they in the bucket how many a male and how many are female what is the weight of each one the imam ruined the men’s superstitions the writers have said that the man says this speech.

And then ran away towards the end of imam ja for the sadhaks life the Benoir abbas had gained full control of the muslims the Abbasid caliphs could not tolerate to say how popular imam ja’far thought it was amongst the muslims he therefore arranged for the imam to be poisoned he’s buried in jannat al-baqi in medina next to his great-grandfather imam al hasan his grandfather imam ali zayn al-abideen and his father imam muhammad the baka peace be upon them.


As Imam Jafar al-Sadiq was poisoned by the governor of Medina at an order from Al Mansur, his son and successor to the Shia faith took over. The funeral prayer for him in 148 AH was conducted by Musa Kazim who succeeded his father as seventh imam while he laid peacefully alongside other close family members in a cemetery on their land.

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