▷❤️Comparing The Original Apple Watch Solo Loop With A Cheap Alternative

Comparing The Original Apple Watch Solo Loop With A Cheap Alternative

 Hey everyone welcomes to my Website I’m going to be comparing the original apple watch solo loop with a cheap alternative that only costs around 5 U. K. pounds full grown 6 US dollars so stay tuned.

Alternative Review

 Now you might be thinking that these knockoffs all rubbish in quality as you’ll see in this article you’ll be surprised just like I was now before I continue you should know that these were not free samples I’ve received to have been paid for and I’ve actually ordered more colors as I’ve been very impressed so far while using them for a few days now.

Original Apple Watch Solo Loop Price

 So guys moment of truth if the apple full loop worth 49 UK pounds and 49 US dollars compared to this alternative that costs 10 times less let’s do a quick unboxing and comparison of both of these products side by side and see. 

Price Of Solo Loop Alternative Watch 

By the way, I ordered this cheap Solo Loop Alternative a bun in the UK which was 5 pounds but if you don’t mind waiting for a few weeks then you can get this from China such upon the Ali express for less than 3 UK pounds which is about 4 US dollars so even more of a bargain to get all your favorite color.

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Packaging Of Both Watches

 Now obviously the apple packaging is the usual cardboard box with good presentation and unboxing experience while the cheaper one is the plastic zip-lock bags to see further on packaging costs.

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Quality Of Both Watches

 Both of these bands have been used for a few days now and I can honestly say I’m blown away by the quality of the cheaper one and how similarities to the one that costs 10 times more so looking at both side by side you’d hardly be able to tell the difference by the field.

 especially while they’re on your wrist with the naked eye you can hardly tell the quality difference too in terms of marking for the apple solo loop has the what sizes marked on one side of the bond on the bond number on the other.

Band Size Of Cheaper Watch

 The cheaper 1 only has the size in both on both ends which by the way only comes in 3 sizes small medium and a large according to the manufacturer of the small is for respondent 130mm to 150 millimeters the medium is forest 143mm to 180 millimeters on large is forest 156 to 200 millimeter.

 I guess this is the only downside to these cheap alternatives apple has 9 sizes while these cheap ones only have 3 both bands have similar elasticity on the cheap 1 seems to be very slightly thinner.


 let’s take a measurement but bear in mind though this original apple band it’s 444 millimeters while the cheaper 1 is for my wife’s 40-millimeter watch maybe the 40-millimeter ban a thinner on the original 12 from the edge the original bond is 2.9 millimeter and in the center  2.8 millimeters. 

The cheaper one is 2.7 millimeters on the edge in the center eighth. Again 2.7 millimeters so not a huge difference and as I said this cheap one is for a small 40-millimeter apple watch so maybe it’s supposed to be a little thinner 

Finish Of Watches

another thing case opened very close inspection and only really noticeable when zooming in on the camera you can see the apple watch because of the nice to finish while the cheaper one has a slightly lower overall finish again not noticeable to the naked eye otherwise both are great quality. 


Overall I’m very impressed with the quality of this cheaper solar loop and hence why I’ve ordered more clueless to let me know in the comments below if you’ve ordered any and keep an eye out below for a look after a few weeks of use to see.

 if they’ve lost it or not so guys that’s it for this post if you enjoyed it to hit that share button it does help me out a lot and if you haven’t already done so please consider allowing the notification as there’s plenty more content coming up and also don’t forget to visit our website to be one of the first to know when my post throughout until next time guys take care.

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