▷❤️Full Detailed Review About Android 11 Beta 1 Features

Full Detailed Review About Android 11 Beta 1 Features

  What is it guys welcome back to our website yes I’m back it’s been a while finally got the new PC set up and today we’re going to be reviewing Android 11 Beta 1 I’m just gonna go over some changes I’m not going to go over every change but I’m gonna show you the main biggest ones so let’s go ahead and get started?

Feature 1 Of Android 11 Beta 1 

The first feature I want to talk about is the notification history before you can’t click on your ad recently dismissed notifications and now you can as you can see how I can click on this notification and summer work opportunity and yeah I already got a job so I can just dismiss that.

2. Animations

And number 2 if you didn’t notice, is actually new animations on the home screen so if I swipe up as you can see the wallpaper does go zooms in and out? And the same thing with pulling down the notification shade as you can see the background pushes away and of course.

3. Icon shape

Number 3 new icon shape so there’s already been a ton of these and all of them are kinda funky so let me show you the new ones all right next next next any other circle. This color not color shape the shape. And this ship so yeah those are the new icon ships.

4. Home screen suggestions

And number 4 there are actually home screen suggestions so these would be your recommended apps at the very bottom it replaces the docked icons. So all of them that I need to have on there actually got pushed up to here so before it used to be phone messages play store chrome and clock and now it’s Google play music both of all blah blah blah so yeah those your recommended apps.

5. More colors

And number 5 I’m not sure if this is a feature of whatever but in the settings, it’s actually redesigned this more colors and. Yes, you can see the icons are slightly different than the previous build.

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6. Control your home devices

And number 6 Actually might be number 6 I’ve been counting wrong all along but anyways you can actually control your home devices and whatever by just holding down the power button as you can see it’s redesigned its whole screens different I can turn off my lights on and on but dragging whatever pay with Google pay and the screenshot button is.

John, I don’t know where it went but it’s gone so I guess this is meant to be replaced. By over here instead of in the power menu I don’t know I liked it back in the old spot because now you can’t take a screenshot at certain spots you can only take screenshots of apps so that’s a bit annoying and hopefully they add that back.

7. Media controls

And number 7 is you may have noticed. The brand new media controls. So they look okay they’re gone but anyways the notification got shrunk down so now there are only 2 rows of icons and let me just play a random song real quick all right so now I’m playing the song and as you can see it shows up like this in the top corner and honestly I kinda like this it looks pretty chill and yeah that’s what it looks like pretty cool.

8. Select different audio devices

And with this new feature, there’s actually a button over here where you can select different audio devices so you can add more Bluetooth speakers whatever but basically you can just switch back and forth and that’s about it.


So that’s all the new changes I found so far and of course, it’s more fluid and all that and if you’re looking for a speed test make sure you guys allow the notification to do enter a 10-speed test versus beta 1 pretty soon and also make sure you guys leave a comment like and of course see you guys later Piece.

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