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The name “Hayreddin Barbarossa Release Date” is a name that many people will know instantly. He was known as the most successful and skilled admiral of his time, but he also had one of the biggest impacts on history.

His Barbaros release date for the series barbaros has been announced, so in this post we will talk about some other things you should know about him!

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Hayreddin Barbarossa Release Date Announcement

Hi, I’m Ali and I’m writing this blog to announced the new series Barbaros release date!

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Series NameRelease Date
Barbarosslar16 September

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Hayreddin was a Turkish hero, and this new series will be about Ottoman empire and his rise to power. You might also know him as Barbarossa which means “Red Beard” in Italian (although it’s actually more likely that he had dark hair). This is an epic story of love, betrayal, loyalty and courage so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the first episode when it comes out!

The show release date for barbaros has been announced: 16 September 2021 on TRT. Let us know what you think of our review below if you have any thoughts or feedback at all! Here are some other interesting facts about Hayreddin Barbarossa Release Date we wanted to share with

Who is Barbaros?

Hyreddin barbarossa was born in 1478, which would be modern day. When he was very young, he became part of an interesting story

Barbarossa was the pseudonym of Hızır Reis, a Turkish privateer who lived from 1478 until 1546. From his early years, he became interested in muslims and by the age of 27, he had become one of the most successful and skilled admirals in history.

The name “Hyreddin Barbarossa” would be recognized by many people. His achievements were so great that he has been studied for centuries.

He is remembered mainly as an admiral but also played a significant part in Ottoman history. His military tactics have been studied by historians as well as his life story which has spawned books and movies.

About Hayreddin Barbarossa

1. Barbarossa was born in 1478

2. He was the son of a Christian parents, which made him a “Muslim”

3. His name means “Red Beard” or “Red-haired”

4. He was captured by pirates as an adolescent and sold to the Knights Hospitaller at Rhodes, where he became acquainted with Western naval techniques

5. When he returned to Istanbul, his father gave him command of the Ottoman Navy at age 20

6. The Ottomans were defeated during their first encounter with Hayreddin Barbarossa in 1512 but they would not be beaten again until July 4, 1546 when he died after being hit by a cannonball.

Who is playing the role of barbarossa?

Ulaş Tuna is playing Hayreddin Barbarossa in Barbaros drama series. He is a well known Turkish actress and has starred in many other television series.

Ulas Tuna Astepe is an actor and costume designer who was born in Turkey on January 1, 1988. He grew up in Kocaeli (Izmit), but studied at Istanbul Male High School before going to Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theatre for his graduate studies.

Ulas Tepe Atepe’s work as a theatre performer has been seen on both television programs like the Turkish show Ottoman Republic and plays such as Glass Leaves or Flag where he played Orhan.

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