▷❤️How To Control Your Phone Battery And File Manager

 Hello, friends welcome to our website Called Basestamp.com in this post I have 2 amazing android tricks these two android tricks are really really amazing and very beneficial for every android user everybody wants to use these tricks but nobody knows about them.

 What I’m gonna tell you what I look like so how you can use it and that makes your experience of using an android phone very very amazing so without wasting any time let’s start the article.

1. Battery Repair Life PRO – Calibrate and Optimize

Now the first one which I have that is related to your phone battery most of the time we have seen that you charged your phone battery it takes too much time but it drains very fast but there is a solution I have for you well that what exactly you need to do you just have to go to the google play store and install this application name is Battery Repair Life PRO – Calibrate and Optimize.

How Battery Repair Life PRO – Calibrate and Optimize Works?

So I’m gonna click on open and open this application and I’ll let you know how this application properly looks simply just click on tap to enter and it will start loading it up and within few seconds it will automatically load this one.

 Now let me tell you one more thing our phone battery is made all of the cells serious these are cell map which is being shown on this application all these are the cells on my Phone battery.

 Now if any of the cells are not properly working then these kinds of problems happen with the phone your phone battery drain very fast and it takes too much time to charge up as well.

 Now what exactly you need to do you just need to simply click on the start and it will automatically check all the cells which are there in your Phone one by one so this is checking right now and my phone is taking some time to check all the cells in my phone.

 I see this one it says no other phones because I tried this application before as well and I repeated my phone battery just a few minutes back just to get this application now you can also try this on your phone and if there is any problem when your phone battery this application.

 He wanted to let you know and then you can able to repair it with one click this application is really amazing I have checked all the reviews and everything all of this application you should try this application if you are facing any problem related to your Android Phone battery so the link you will be getting on google play store you can take it from there.

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2. File manager

 Now the second trick I have right now for you off the android user that is file manager simply just go to the file manager where you can take on this local file nowhere you will find all the folders of your Phone see this these all of the folders which are there in my Phone.

 But let’s suppose I want to find WhatsApp so how do I find it all the folders look like this all of that look like the same here I will be able to find this particular folder in this so there is a break you can apply here so we just have to click on this display which is on the right side of the bottom think on that one.

 And then you have to click on this app more on the bottom and then when you click on add mode automatically it was short all the icons of the folders in this folder icons automatically comes in front of the folders.

 And I could easily find any folder in this local file suit all of them on there with the I can see here now I can take on this what’s that I didn’t check all the photos documents everything here in my watch out for so it would be very easy to find anything here and your local file.


 I hope you like both tricks in this post the first application you will be found in the description you can take it from there any question related to this you can simply comment below and we will get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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