▷❤️How to Fix Mouse Not Working in Windows 10- Solved

How to Fix Mouse Not Working in Windows 10- Solved

 Hello, guys welcome back to the Basestamp.com website I’m going to talk about how to fix mouse that is not working in windows 10. So to do this you just have to press for singal you have to give aCommand by going to the run Command

So to do this you have to press windows and R together and you have to type devmgmt.MSC

so I’ll be giving this, Command in the description, you don’t have to worry.

 Press enter 

And now we’ll be getting like this now the mouse is not working and now you have to select the so you have to press Tab to so you will be at the top now you have to move with the Aerroy keys right you have to move this and you have to go to mice and other pointing devices.

Now you have to press this once again. You have to press this on The Aerroy keys then you have to select the T1 right so you have to press this. You have to click on this.

 Now from here, you have to move to drivers so you have to select this. Now as you can see you used to have in between to select in between so you have to move to the driver and you have to come down and you have to select driver details and below the arrow keys would and below that more the advocate. 

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Then you have to move the arrow key. Then you have to. Click on update driver you have to understand that and the driver will be updated and once after updating the drivers this probably week most probably fix it because I don’t have any problems with my mouse.

 So I’m not going to repair mouse driver windows 10 this you can update the drivers and see whether the mouse is not working windows10 it works or not see if this would help we are going to do let us know in the comment section or if that doesn’t work you let us know in the comment section or 2 so that we will try to help you out if you find this review helpful don’t forget to visit our site daily.

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Friends, I hope you have come to understand in a way that if your mouse does not work, how to fix it, I have told you today how to repair mouse driver windows 10 with all the information if you have any kind of information in it. If you have a problem, please leave a comment in the comments box so that I can see your question and try to give you an answer. 

So friends I keep posting similar technology-related like fix Mouse driver Windows 10 and computer related content on my website daily if you are interested in reading such content and if you have any kind of problem in technology then you can visit our website. so that I can answer all your questions in a good way.

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