▷❤️How To Monitor Your Mobile Activities And Secure Your Mobile

 Hello, friends welcome to our website called Basestamp.com and in this post, I have 2 amazing applications for you and both applications are really really amazing for cell phone monitoring for parents and you haven’t seen that application before.

 Because of both the applications totally different from each other for so I’m gonna tell you how these applications work, how the phone activity tracker works, and what kind of settings are required so without wasting any time let’s start the post.

Now let’s talk about the first application nowadays everybody has Android Phone for and we are getting addicted to watching the android phone we always have the phone in our hand we always tried to do something on our phone even if without any purpose.

 As well as with the application which I have right now for you with this application whenever you’ve turned on your phone and try to get into your phone you have to give a purpose and later on you can check how many times you have turned on your phone and for what purpose you use your phone.

1. Actuflow

How To Monitor Your Mobile Activities And Secure Your Mobile

Let me show you the best free child tracking app how deep for that first of all you have to install an application is called Actuflow this is the application that you have to install on your phone I let me show you I have already installed this one.

How Actuflow Works?

 If I turn off my phone right now and if I turned it back on and tried to turn it on my phone again and going to my phone it will asking for the purpose I have to what the purpose here like WhatsApp I want to use the WhatsApp here like this and then I need to click on this save.

 The moment I click on the save I am into my phone right now and then I can use my phone here and later on at the end of the day I can go to this application it’s an Actuflow and here I can see how many time I have used my phone and what was the purpose serious.

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 This is the purpose which I used here on yesterday that’s Watsapp, again and again, I use here Watsapp so in this way in this application we keep a record how many times you have turned on your phone and you unlock your phone and for what purpose you use your phone and later on, you can able to monitor your activities here and you can decide which one you can avoid for the next day.

 So if this application will help you to get rid of this addiction which we have with our android phone you have to give up purpose whenever you use your phone every day so this application really helps you, you should try this best free child tracking app link you would be getting on the google play store.

2. Exodus

How To Monitor Your Mobile Activities And Secure Your Mobile

 Now let’s talk about the second application and the second application on my list is that is Exodus yes this is the application that is really really amazing you should try this application as well.

How Exodus Works?

 Let me show you how this application phone activity tracker Properly works when you open this application it will show you all your applications that are already there on your phone.

 Now, what exactly happened when you use your phone and install any application from Google play store or from Google chrome every application asks you to allow simple permission.

 And we always click on allow, allow and allow and the all the permission to every application and we never come to know that what kind of permission we are giving to this application and what kind of tracker they are installed in the background of this application.

 So this application will help monitor cell phone if you installed any application which you do not trust on so you can simply install this application and you can check what kind of trackers and the permission this application.

 Let’s suppose if I click on this application which is an online shopping application the Myntra so here you can see there are 22 permission which I have already given to this application and 11 trackers are already installed in the background of this application.

 Here you can scroll down and these other factors which you can check here one by one what kind of trackers are installed which are tracking my phone as well from the back these are the factors which are normally used by the application to advertise their products on your phone.

 So these other factors for monitor cell phone you can also check here and this other permission which I have will be given to this application as well all these are the permission which I have already given this application.

 Phone monitoring app so in this way you can able to check all the applications one by one what kind of permission you have given and what kind of trackers stored in the background of any application.


 So this application is also really really amazing and really useful as well nowadays when we installed so many applications that were formed I hope you like a gold application I would be putting the link hold up to get you in the description you can take it from there any question related to this you can simply comment below and we will get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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