Kurulus Osman episode 45 in Urdu Subtitles 1080p HD

Aslam O Aleikum I am Muhammad Owais and you are reading Kurulus Osman episode 45 in Urdu Subtitles Nazrin In today’s post we are going to give you the historical information that will amaze you and after which you will also know How a great Ottoman Empire of Muslims came into being in kurulus osman season 2 episode 45 in urdu

 And did not prove to be important in its establishment. Today we will talk about the secrets in the cave and why it is so important for which Osman online season 2 episode 45 sent his special servants. We will tell you if there were any secrets in history that the Byzantines listened to and tried to get. 

Not only that, but if those secrets and documents were so important, how did they reach the kurulus osman season 2 episode 45 urdu subtitles? Will you have an important update about which men were confused whether the kurulus kurulus Osman episode 45 Urdu subtitles will come to or not or whether there will be a cancle.


Kurulus Osman episode 45 in Urdu Subtitles 1080p HD
Kurulus Osman episode 45 in Urdu Subtitles 1080p HD

Ertugrul Ghazi in Kurulus Osman episode 45 in Urdu Subtitles 

So in this regard, we have already made it clear which Kurulus Osman episode 45 in urdu subtitles will come on time and let’s still say that just as it has come on time, this kurulus osman season 2 episode 45 in urdu will also be watched on its own time.

 The most important of these is the situation and explains what are the diseases and documents that have been left for Ertugrul Ghazi Kurulus Osman episode 45 Urdu and what is their status in history or the day they have all told you in their post before. 

Whether he is lucky or has nothing to do with Usman Ghazi, however, he has been one of the most famous brave warriors and you will be surprised to know that he has been included in this series as a tribute to him. That their history is absolutely present and their man is the secret of the ancient Turkish Empire and all those details are also present how.



Usman Ghazi In kurulus osman season 2 episode 45 in urdu Subtitles

What strategy was adopted for them in Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 45 in Urdu and how they established their empire, ie if it is said that this information is very important for the establishment of the empire for Usman Ghazi, then it is safe to say that the most important secrets in these books.

 I am here about all the spies, not only Turkey but also the crusader Mongol and Byzantine spies and where those spies are and working to achieve these goals in Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 45. It is clear that not only Turkey but also the enemies of its Muslim spies were kept in their spy trucks.

 A great example of which is shown in the police seats by the Islamic character of Idris Islamia who became a trader and belonged to the Qai tribe Osman online Season 2 Episode 45. Remained and spent years in his tribe to gain the trust of the people of the tribe and after the death of Artagul Ghazi to get the secrets after

Therefore, his purpose began and he continued to explain the state of full support of the men sent by the Prime Minister that the era of Usman Ghazi in history was undoubtedly a long time when the era of the Crusades was over but this family I was a big threat to the Muslims because of their large numbers.


 The police tell you more about the secrets. The secrets of the Crusaders in their caste are the address of their enders and the details of the secret routes that they have. May be helpful in doing so and there are also details of what period before that he charged them during the revolution and whether they knew it or not.




Osman Ghazi has achieved in history Of Osman online season 2 episode 45


Not only that but the things and goods contained in kilograms in these documents. There are also details of the Mutta’i, and there are also maps of Lu, who celebrates them, who celebrates the end of those who charged them before, and also mentions these areas of the Crusaders and Byzantines in their caste kurulus Osman episode 45 in Urdu subtitles.


The weaknesses of the Taliban can be achieved without a fight. The areas where Kaleem will need to charge with the army and more troops are also mentioned. Let me tell you that the few victories that Usman Ghazi has achieved in history are few.


 The reason they have obtained with the army is that such documents were helpful for Usman Osman online Season 2 Episode 45, an example of which was the victory with only three hundred soldiers. 




Wedding Of Osman In kurulus Osman season 2 episode 45


History tells us whether Lal Ni Yar Hisar Usman Ghazi was invited to attend his daughter’s wedding together with Taswar in Kurulus Osman episode 45 in urdu subtitles, where he wanted to assassinate Asman Ghazi by deception, so it is impossible for his pre-existing type of spy to be there. Usman Ghazi Usman Ghazi on his wedding invitation before he left had entered yesterday about the women before his forty who accompanied the guests.


Made him his prisoner and conquered the throat fort Sir, you must have realized the importance of secret secrets, that is why KP Azam also knows that if these secrets fall into the hands of heaven, then Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 45 he No one will be able to stop the establishment of the empire and that they will send their servants without the knowledge of the expulsion except Usman Ghazi.


 And all three will try to get these secrets so that they can use them for their own benefit in the future. But an important question that must be on the mind of the answer here is how did this secret finally reach the Kurulus Osman episode 45 with Urdu subtitles?




Secrets In Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 45 Urdu subtitles


The answer is that to keep this secret is to know the Turkish Empire and to know and have been walking from the Turkish Empire The organization of bearded dervishes was established during the kurulus Osman season 2 episode 45 Urdu subtitles Turk Empire and their purpose was to fulfill the blessed hadith of the Holy Prophet in which he gave the Turks the good news of the conquest of the world.


If it is said that the purpose of all the methods used in this period or before was to conquer Constantinople because of this blessed hadith, then there is no doubt about it, but all that has been achieved to achieve this goal.


 The details are hidden in the papers and that is why the Crusaders and the Byzantines will want to get these secrets at any cost. Here is something else that we will provide you with. Also included are those of the last date kurulus Osman episode 45 Urdu subtitles. I also included the Muslims who belonged to different professions but lived according to the way of Islam.




Sheikh Adabali Of Kurulus Osman episode 45 Urdu subtitles


In the first season of the show, Sheikh Adabali was not involved and Omar Abdullah Al-Abdalat Anhu, who was shown in the second season, was a student, so it has been shown that he is from the public. He will hand over the protection of these important secrets to Amanat Usman Ghazi. But what do you think?



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Kurulus Osman episode 45 in Urdu Subtitles

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