▷❤️The Best Apple Watch SE VS Series 4 Worth the upgrade from Series 4 to SE?

The Best Apple Watch SE VS Series 4 Worth the upgrade from Series 4 to SE?

  In This post, we are going to comparing the apple watch SE with the series 5 and series 6 even to the series 3 but I can’t seem to find any videos comparing the SE VS 4 the full stick around and I’ll be comparing both of them.

 If you’re like me and you still rocking the apple watch series for which is still a little from much by the way and it wasn’t compelling enough to agree to the series 5 and that came out and this year.

 if I’m honest I don’t even find the series 6 even compelling enough took great to. The only real hope raid from the series4  to the 5 was the always-on display and this year with the series 6 thinks it has the products that you monitor for that with an upgrade for you let me know in the comments below. 

Anyway, Apple does something different this year they’ve introduced the apple watch SE which is identical in size to the series 4 the 5, and series 6 on the fixed with some differences many similarities, and guess what a lot cheaper too. 

If you still go to see series 4 you either can’t afford to see we think all the features are not compelling enough should you agree to the SE instead hold a thought until you watched all of this Post? 

1. Specs Different Between SE VS Series 4

First of all, let’s compare some of the main specs sides by side so let’s go over the similarities of both watches. Both watches come in a 40 millimeter-sized on a 44-millimeter size variation.

 Both of an old a display with a resolution of 324 by 394 pixels for the 40 millimeters and 368 by 448 pixels for the 44 millimeters respectively both have a ceramic and sapphire crystal back. Both have the W. 3 apple wireless chip. Both have Bluetooth 5.o we’ll have the usual barometric altimeter. Water-resistant to 50 meters. 

2. Technical Difference Between SE VS Series 4

Now let’s talk about the differences. The series 4 has a dual-core processor as a forward you’ll call the professor which claims to be 2 times faster than the series3 however the SE house an S5 dual-core processor which also claimed to be 2 times faster than the series 3. 

So maybe it’s the same chip but rebranded to show it’s new I don’t know let me know below what you think about these 2 processes and both claim to be 2 times faster than the series 3. The series 4 a memory capacity of 16 GB while the SE has a capacity of 32 GB. 

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3. Storage Difference

I personally have not felt the 16 GB be too low I haven’t needed it but you might have different needs let me know in the comments why you’d need more storage on a watch for that person company did it myself.

 Series 4, however, has the ECG function but the SE does not have a mysterious full also series 4 does not have the compass while the SE Has Compass. 

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About Apple Watch SE VS Series 4

So guys these are some of the key differences between Series 4 and the SE. Personally, I don’t see any compelling features of the even Series 6 to a great I don’t need the blod oxygen monitor.

 I don’t know about that about sleep tracking what I was telling me you didn’t sleep well last night I don’t I know I didn’t I was appalled night I don’t need to be reminded.

About Apple Watch Series 7

 After the new watch 7 was released my Series 4 looks and feels like can you watch again with all the new features in the faces of the OS I’m not really compelled to operate if I’m honest? Again if you have the Series 4. read full and is in good condition and still working perfectly like I Have then the SE has the minner the extra features on some Apsense si I will keep hold of your Series 4.

 Now but in the year well at least until the Series 7 that comes out next year and see what that has to offer. However, if you’ve got the series 3 older then I would go for the SE. instead of finding an old series 4 if you’re not bothered about the ECG function let me know what you think of any of the reasons you’d go for the SE. instead of keeping a hold of your screen was full. 


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of which one wants to upgrade to well maybe you didn’t realize that you’ll Series 4 it’s still a huge competitive so you might want to hold on to it a little while longer. 

So guys that’s it for this post if you enjoyed it and you found it useful then hit that share button it does help me out a lot and if you haven’t already done so consider subscribing as there’s plenty more content coming up and also don’t forget to hit the bell I come to be one of the first to know when my Post out phone till next time guys take care.

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