▷❤️The Two Amazing Applications For Your Camera Phone

Hello friends welcome to our Basestamp.com and in this post, I have 2 amazing applications for you and both applications are really really amazing and very useful for everyday life yes these fortifications are very useful as well for students as well so I’m gonna tell you how this application works and what kind of setting needs to be done so we don’t waste any time let’s start the post.

1. Image scanner and text translator

The Two Amazing Applications For Your Phone Camera

Now the first application on my list is the image scanner and text translator and yes this is an amazing application was I’ll tell you how this application will you will get surprised let me just open this application for you and everybody come up like this.

How the image scanner and text translator works?

 There are 2 options you will be getting that is Advance OCR And OCR what exactly this application going to do for you now this is a book right now I have with me not something is written on this book right now I want everything to become on this phone and I can able to copy with this I can able to transfer it to the media and whatever.

 I want to do I can do it with this application simply just have to click on this and one ‘s easier and then he will be reaching here you have to click on this plus sign and then you will be getting these options to click on this camera option and then you get turned on now from here we just have to take the picture of this book and when you take a picture it would be kind of like this then you can increase the size of this one and then click on this icon on the bottom. 

Now the moment you do that all the word which is being correctly viewed by this application will automatically come in this form here you can able to copy them all you can ever do faced anything here well you can able to edit something from here and there is an option on the bottom you will be found here that you can also transfer these words into the PDF files.

 Right now I could able to cope with these words only but when you properly take a picture and believe properly then you can able to copy everything from the book here you can click on this PDF and it will automatically transfer everything into the PDF file as well.

So this is an amazing thing that anything is written anywhere you can even take it into your phone and then you can even edit everything and this would be very very easy for you you should try this one link you would be getting in that description.

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2. Photomath

The Two Amazing Applications For Your Phone Camera

Let’s talk about the second application and the second application on my list is Photomath yes this application also has amazing creatures and if we talk about this application already has more than 100000000 downloads with 4.7 ratings for let me open this one and this application is also really really amazing when you open this application it will become like this as the camera off your phone automatically turned on with this application here.

How Photomath Works?

 What exactly this application do you just need to scan any calculation on any pages and if it automatically gives you the results.

 Let me show you nowhere I have some calculation you can see this one and this one I have 2 calculation here I’m gonna scan this one with this camera it is I’m gonna scan this one. Like this and I click on the red button on the bottom.

Like this and it will automatically capture this one and give me the result of this once the result is 700 within few seconds it will give me the results of that any calculation just I need to stand this one with my phone camera.

 Any calculation if it could be very hard it could be really easy it doesn’t matter now let’s try the second one I have this calculation as well here and I just scan this one with the red button and it will automatically scan this one and given the results it is within a second give me the reserve.

 What exactly the result of this calculation as well you should try this application as well if you are in a business where you have to do lots of calculation everyday hair on the bottom you will also get a calculator sign as well you can click on this one and here you will be getting the manual calculator as well which you can also use in this application.


 So this application is also really really amazing you should try this application as well legal link of both application I am not putting in the description you can take it from Google Play Store any question related to this you can simply comment below and you will surely get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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