▷❤️Two Amazing Applications For Your Best friend And Girl Friend

 Hello, friends welcome to Basestamp.com and in this post, I have 2 amazing application and website which can help you to fun with your friends with your girlfriend with anyone and last week these 2 websites and applications are the best application to fun with your friends because you will not find on the internet better than this application I’m not upside of fun with your friends.

So I’m gonna tell you how these applications work and what kind of setting needs to be done so without wasting any time let’s start the post If you want to know more about our every technical post every day then press the allow button showing on your screen.

1. My Tools Town

Two Amazing Applications For Your Best friend And Girl Friend

 Now the first application in my list as well that you just have to go to the Google chrome that included chrome you have to look for a website is called mytoolstown.com yes this is the website name and here you will be getting to dissipate that’s an SMS bomber yes and here is simply just have to click on this open at estimates bomber but here and you will be getting a page this one which we clearly mention everything.

How mytoolstown.com Works?

 How you need to use this website to fun with your friends simply just have to enter the phone number of your friends here on the top and here you have to enter how many customers you want to send to your friends.

 And then and the last option is really amazing here you can choose what would be the speed of the estimate when you want to bring with you a friend you can do it slow you can use it to medium and you can also start with the fast as well and after that, you can simply just click on start and your friend will start getting the estimate is automatically one by one through the internet.

 And your number will not go there it would be a different online into that number as well these messages all our online marketing messages nothing more than that but your friend we keep on getting the messages the number of messages.

 Julie, we enter here I cannot show you the lightproof we are because I don’t have the second phone right now it is busy right now so I’m so sorry I won’t be able to show you right now but you should try this website and or read what’s credit besting link on this website you will be found on the chrome.

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2. Auto Redial

Two Amazing Applications For Your Best friend And Girl Friend

 Now let’s talk about the second application and the second application is also really really amazing and for that, you have to just go to the google play store and install this application name is on the Auto Redial yes this application already have more than 1000000 downloads and it’s a fantastic application to fun with your friends.

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How Auto Redial Works?

 I tell you how it would work no one to open this application it will ask you to allow simple mission one by one this is the interface which you will be getting off this application this is really really amazing what exactly this will do for you it will automatically. 

Give back to back calls to your friends and you don’t need to read dial it again and again simply just have to make some settings and this application automatically send more than 1000 calls to your friends as well.

Give Number

 what exactly you need to do you have to just enter his phone number and you have to select the same which phone sim you want to use it you can select and then you can not simply to come down here and you can select the number of calls here you can do the maximum number of call Justin 0 back to back calls without dialing it again and again.

Select The Interval

 But still, you can select their 1000 or 2000 anything, and then this is the interval which you have to select how many seconds should be there between 2 calls so you can select here one second to second or 10 second anything.

 And then you can click on the start and the moment you click on start you don’t need to do anything your phone will automatically give him back to back calls and your friends will get the date and show me he will call you back and ask you why are you calling me you can also use this application.


 If somebody’s not picking up your call or not responding to you at that point in time you can also use this application to give him a back to back calls this is an amazing application to fun with your friends.

 So both of them are really really amazing you should try both of them legal hold application on the website you will be getting in the description you can take it from there any question related to this you can simply comment below and we will get back to you thank you thank you very much bye-bye.

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