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Yavuz Sultan Selim Drama Release Date is the penultimate episode of the hit Turkish drama series, hosted and scripted by Serta Gokcen. The show, which is modeled on traditional Turkish dramas, revolves around a story of a prince who was brutally murdered while still in childhood.

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Series NameRelease Date
Yavuz Sultan Selim25 September 2021

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Yavuz Sultan Selim Drama Release Date

The victim’s grieving family is consumed with grief and is determined to avenge their loved one. This noble family also has a young son who witnesses the murder and becomes a powerful weapon in their quest to avenge their loved one.

Yavuz sultan selim movie

This latest Turkish play is receiving a great deal of attention in the world of acting. Gokcen is not only acting in this show but also in other top rated and award winning Turkish plays such as M.A.S.H., Tiganet, M.I.S.H., and many more. She has also gained attention for her roles in other successful and award winning shows such as M.B. Shusterman, Tetsuru Senbaru, and Kasbeh Hamed.

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Gokcen has portrayed different characters throughout the course of her acting career. Most notably, she played the role of Meryem, an ambitious and vengeful Queen in the award winning play, Crown Prince of Dalmatia. She also appeared in another successful play, Hamet’s Ark, as the ruthless Queen Tekke Demir. In addition to these roles, she has also portrayed a common girl in the play, Hagar. She is also known for her roles in other drama series including Cokova, Semih Askar, Al-Gora, Gokova Soudi, and Alia.

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Gokcen plays the role of Nizams in Turkish Dramas. This is one of her most famous roles, and she really seems to love playing this character. However, it is unknown as to what her role in this play will be like. It has not been revealed yet if she will be playing the role of a strong and confident woman, or a weak and frightened woman as she is in the Turkish play, Crown Prince of Dalmatia.

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It has been confirmed though that Gokcen will definitely be playing the role of Nizams in the upcoming Turkish play, Crown Prince of Dalmatia. There have been speculations and rumors about her role in the play. Some fans have speculated that Gokcen may be playing the role of the leader of a faction loyal to the throne, or she could just be one of the many minor players in the play. The speculation however is based on the fact that the name of Nizams in the title of the play also means “knights”. Could Gokcen be playing the role of one of the minor characters loyal to the throne who is trying to rise through the ranks of the royal court? Or is she going to be one of the major players in the play as the hero and lead protagonist?

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The role of Nizams is expected to be filled by Selcuk Ataydemir. He has been casted in several successful Turkish dramas in the past and is best known for his role as the leader of a Turkish resistance group in the story “Rocky Mountain Boys”. The story of Rocky Mountain Boys was later made into an opera by English playwright Arthur Miller. However, Selcuk Ataydemir has mostly played important characters in Turkish films and theater. He is most known for his leading role as Hiccup in the movie “The Jungle Book” and as the leader of the Dwarves in Disney’s animated film “The Emperor’s Bride”.

Sultan yavuz selim episode 1 release date

The costume of the character of Nizams will be most likely be traditional Turkish garb. According to Turkish style clothing, this outfit will consist of a full skirt, long sleeves and a head scarf. His footwear can either be strapped or laced. The costume of the character of Nizams also includes a traditional head scarf.

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The costume of the Sultan is designed and constructed in the exact same way. When it comes to hairpieces, most male actors will be wearing wigs. For female actors, they may wear bangles, kerchiefs or scarves tied in front. If you are going to be playing the character of the sultan, and if you are chosen as the principal actor in the film, make sure that you have your own personal design and attire designed by a costume designer. Do not copy the costume of any other Turkish character.

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